Traducere din italiana in romana online dating

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During Soviet times—and to some extent even today—Romanian was called Moldovan in the Republic of Moldova, although the Constitutional Court ruled in 2013 that "the official language of the republic is Romanian".

This linguistic evidence challenges the Roeslerian theory. – likewise with Romanian words from Latin linguistic stratum (Rom.

The vestiges from latin military slang particularize the Romanian language in the neolatin area, together with its isolated history. "scara" The history of Eastern Romance between the 3rd century and the development of Proto-Romanian by the 10th century, when the area came under the influence of the Byzantine Empire, is unknown.

He notes, however, some differences in accent and vocabulary.

Cantemir's work provides one of the earliest histories of the language, in which he notes, like Ureche before him, the evolution from Latin and notices the Greek and Polish borrowings.

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