Speed dating open ended questions

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You can decide how in-depth you want to go with each question.

If you are just getting started, you might be able to speed through one strip of five questions per night.

The first night I cuddled up to ask these questions with my daughter she was so excited, she just wanted to hear all the questions. Here are a few tips to help you have meaningful conversations with your kids!

We actually went through a few different category strips! (You might want to PIN this so you’ve got these tips to refer back to whenever you need them!

It is more important now than ever before to make time for meaningful conversations with our kids!

Now we can easily pull out these fun conversation starters to vary the discussions we have with our kids!If you do have a concern or some constructive advice you’d like to give – save it to discuss at a later time.I love the idea of incorporating these pillow talk questions for kids into our bedtime routine.Once the kids are all in bed, we trade off which kids we focus on each night.With 4 kids, it would take 30-40 minutes to cuddle up to each kid every night.

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