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For instance, Caddo groups living along Red River below the Great Raft interacted with lower Mississippi Valley peoples living a day's canoe trip downstream.In contrast, Red River Caddos living upstream from the Great Bend near the western edge of the homeland traded with Arkansas Valley peoples as well as neighboring Plains tribes (with whom they sometimes fought).Painting a picture of Caddo life requires us to try and freeze a moment in time as if we were there.

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In everything we do at CMC-serving our customers, developing new business partnerships, recruiting the most capable employees, and serving our community- CMC Recycling is committed to improving our community and providing the best solution for your metals recycling needs. Call us today to see how CMC Recycling can turn your scrap metal into CASH!We choose this particular time as the ethnographic present because this is the earliest period for which we have detailed eyewitness descriptions as well as the latest period during which Caddo society was still intact and relatively unchanged by European contact. " Yes, compared to only a few years later when the invaders' epidemics, guns, and horses brought about swift and often terrible changes in Caddo life.The fact that the French saw peach orchards and watermelon patches at Caddo sites in the 1680s shows that Caddo life had already changed as a consequence of the arrival in the New World of peoples and plants from the Old World brought by Spanish colonists.Therefore we need to employ anthropology's favorite descriptive device: the concept of the ethnographic present.We will try to describe what Caddo life was like about 400 years ago, at the end of the 17th century (late 1600s), based mainly on the accounts of early Spanish and French observers.

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