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In a world of nobility in which marriage is not usually based on deep feelings but on political considerations, the bond for life between Victoria and Albert was more of an exception, because it was filled with mutual love.Even this situation doesn't change the fact that the union was arranged for strategic considerations - primarily by Albert's uncle Leopold I, the king of the Belgians.Until her death in 1901, his widow only wore mourning garments and had innumerable monuments to Albert erected.The monument at Marktplatz in Coburg was unveiled in 1865 by Queen Victoria in person - it is still a reminder of the city's greatest son.Two decades later, Saalfeld was allotted to the dukedom of Saxony-Meiningen.As compensation, Saxony-Coburg received the dukedom of Saxony-Gotha in addition.The dukedom of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha: A short history in five chapters. The origins up to the dukedom of Saxony-Coburg-Saalfeld Coburg, mentioned in documents for the first time in 1056, becomes chartered in 1331.Two decades later, the region joined the dominion of the House of Wettin, which ascended to the dukes of Saxony in 1423.

Until the 1st World War, it was called "Saxony-Coburg in Great Britain"; however, they distanced themselves from the German name which ultimately was a reminder of a bitter wartime enemy. The 20th Century The marriage of Ernst II and Alexandrine (1820-1904) remained childless and hence without a successor to the throne.Just two years after the wedding of Juliane, their sister Antoinette (1779-1724) became Duchess of Württemberg.In turn, their brother Leopold (1790-1865) married the heiress to the British throne, Charlotte.In 1485, the Wettin territories were divided between the Albertinians and the Ernestinians.Since then Coburg has been part of the Ernestinians.

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