Sex trivia questions online

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The immune system is stimulated with sexual intercourse, increasing the body's ability to ward off infection.

Loss of libido (sex drive) can be a complication of many medications.

There is no reason to change or alter a sex life during pregnancy unless a doctor advises otherwise.

Having sex seems to be about more than just making babies.The term "limerence" was developed by psychologist Dorothy Tennov to describe the emotion of "being in love." The term continues to evolve in its definition. Vo developed the meaning to include a type of obsessive-compulsive behavior where "Limerence is...defined as an involuntary interpersonal state that involves an acute longing for emotional reciprocation, obsessive-compulsive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and emotional dependence on another person."Changes in brain chemistry seem to occur when people fall in love and increased levels of dopamine produce significant brain stimulation and pleasure.It may be that prolactin is the culprit chemical that induces sleep after intercourse.It is also true that sex is a very physical activity, often happening at night and in bed, all of which make falling asleep a little more likely. Specific areas of the brain light up on MRI when a patient is shown photos of their loved ones, even after being together for more than 20 years.

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