Is intimidating someone illegal

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Sufficed to say that some of you have no issues with non-conforming clubs.

You view them as a means to make the game more accessible.

He's not competing in tournaments, and he's not taking my money.

I remain baffled by the 23.15% of you who apparently believe you're cheating - even when you're not actually playing (you play for fun and you don't keep a handicap). Some were smaller and some had added surface textures to make the ball easier to grip. By the same token, the Tour de France has also sorts of rules that govern the bicycles that competitors use during the event.

Putter, wedge, iron, hybrids, fairway woods, and ball Technology have all made the game easier – although the average handicap index number hasn’t changed much.

Funny that the article mentions the Polara non-conforming ball there toward the end.

I was in Target the other day wandering through the sporting goods isle when I noticed a dozen different footballs. That's cool for competition, but if two weeks after the event I want to take my chances on the course riding a Huffy dirt bike, through the streets of Le Mans, have I cheated or have I simply gone for a bike ride on a road that (because play is fun) or the equipment used? If it's 50..yes, I'm going to have some clubs, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. At a minimum it would be a gamble for any company that chooses to make the leap, and given how risk averse the golf equipment industry is as a whole, it's unlikely any brand of repute has the stones to go for it any time in the immediate future.

Maybe the answer to my previous question can be found in the answers to this question. And in this lies the rub for manufacturers considering releasing non-conforming club lines. As we were putting together this survey, I couldn't help but think that the biggest issue holding back widespread availability of non-conforming clubs might be permission from those we admire.

If you so much as pick one up, even if you're by yourself and never enter a score, you are a cheater. If we think of non-conforming clubs in the same way that we think about training wheels for our kids' bikes (they help them get over the fear while offering greater potential for rapid improvement), we might attract new golfers. Basically it's guys like us (avid golfers) speculating on what it will take to bring new golfers to the game. Whether making it easier, and by extension, more fun (via equipment) will bring new players to the game continues to be a subject of much debate.

Sew a scarlet ' In reality, we don't really know what promises non-conforming clubs could deliver on. As you can see, there's relatively even split among our readers.

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