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If you are worried for your child or have noticed their behaviour changing, try talking to them.Broach the subject when you are both calm, relaxed and in a comfortable environment.We believe bullying creates barriers, making victims feel isolated and small.We want to break these barriers by encouraging those affected to reach out and talk to someone.In a recent survey, counsellors told us that 72% of bullying-related clients originally came to them for a different reason, such anxiety and depression.We also asked counsellors what, in their experience, are common resulting behaviours for a person being bullied.

Bullying can take place during any level of education, whether it be school, college or university.

Common behaviours include: Whoever you are, bullying can change your life.

It doesn’t matter what age, race, gender or religion you are, all of us will be affected by bullying at some point in our lives.

While it is a common issue at school, bullying can occur at any age. It can happen during any time of your life; at school, at work, online, at university or even at home.

Below is a video we made to raise awareness and help ‘break the barriers of bullying’.

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