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What started as a weekly email to a handful of friends grew into a substantially longer list of friends, then friends of friends, and quickly expanded to complete strangers.

Over the last few years competition for my time and energy have resulted in blogging being at the bottom of the priority list, somewhere just above watching reality TV (which I don’t watch) and just below rec league bocce ball (which I don’t play).

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The sheer volume of published work in the English language alone is staggering.

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just 35 pounds shy of the world record.) Bob immediately had three great ideas when we kicked this idea around: As I get closer to the publication of the book (if I had to guess, Q4 2019), we’ll also start to release some other content related to the book, such as our on-camera interviews with some of the top scientists in the fields related to longevity.

Once the book is out, we’ll also publish the “outtakes” (i.e., the stuff the publisher felt was too dense for the book).

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