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That are called "Monoblocks", and are really horribles. But, I hope you could open more to occidental architecture.Even the modern Russian modern architecture is very particular.In a coup de main on 13 April, the Danube Flotilla landed troops of the 80th Guards Rifle Division and 7th Guards Airborne Division on both sides of the bridge, cutting demolition cables and securing the bridge. Vienna finally fell when the last defenders in the city surrendered on the same day While the street fighting was still intensifying in the southern and western suburbs of Vienna on 8 April, other troops of the 3rd Ukrainian Front by-passed Vienna altogether and advanced on Linz and Graz.By 15 April, armies of the Soviet 3rd Ukrainian Front pushed even further into Austria.The origins of mono-archtecture on a grand scale can be traced back to Le Corbusier: Basically, it was the industrialization of living and archtecture.As Le Corbusier stated: "A house is a machine for living in." __________________ In human society, the political is the encompassing structuring principle, so that every neutralization of partial content as 'non-political' is political gesture par excellence -Slavoj iek I don't consider Stalinist architecture to be truly Socialist.

news and discussions on all buildings types and urban spaces » Classic Architecture | European Classic Architecture and Landscapes | Public Space | Shopping Architecture | Design & Lifestyle | Urban Renewal and Redevelopment Berlin, Karl Marx Allee by krystian kolbe, on Flickr Hello everyone, When most people think of socialist architecture, they think of blocs upon blocs of monotone, grey buildings stretching into the horizon. Air raids on Vienna The city of Vienna in Austria was bombed fifty-two times during World War II, and 87,000 houses of the city were lost (20% of the entire city).Only 41 civilian vehicles survived the raids, more than 3,000 bomb craters were counted and the Schwarzenberg Palace was bombed but later rebuilt.The failures of socialist planning, and architecture are well known, disproportionate to their successes imo.I think one of the most successful examples of socialist architecture was during the 1920s and early 1930s before the proto-fascist coup d'etat.

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