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Nach seiner Machtübernahme im Jahre 2005 hatte Tsukasa die Yamaguchi-gumi stracks umstrukturiert.

Zu dieser Zeit hatte er noch 101 direkt an die Mutterorgani- OSM ÖÉëÉääëÅÜ~Ñí sation affiliierte Bosse (im Argot: jikisan).

The criminal market, namely the internet, is rife with predatory competition, in which the Yakuza are on the losing side.

In einer Art Vetternwirtschaft wurden von ihm zunehmend die höchsten Posten in der Yamaguchi-gumi mit Leuten aus der Kōdō-kai besetzt.

The Yakuza have a severe shortage of recruits and are therefore experiencing a greying comparable to Japanese society at large.

In addition, they have failed to modernize and adapt to information technology.

Legal restrictions and concerted police and media campaigns, whose intention it is to dismantle the myth of the noble gangster and replace it with labels such as»anti-social forces«, have robbed the Yakuza of their glamour.

For young outsiders, becoming a Yakuza is no longer attractive.

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