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George Wyss and daughter of Bridgeport are visiting relatives for several days.

1 am you should use my willing testimonial and hope to benefit other suffering women by so doing.”—Mrs.

We must light to the iast ditch, and to the last man- and woman.

The xnen who plow and sow and raise more produce are fighting.

Three thousand copies of the pictures will be in constant circulation.

WEALTH PUT IN BONOS HASN' T BEEN MISSED America Has Hot Begun Yet to Really Sacrifice to Lend to Boys. There are also bat lies in the pantry, at the kitchen stove, and 011 the front piazza. Unless every person left in America gets into the fight, somewhere along the line, the soldiers at the front will have to fight just so much harder, just so much longer, lose so much more blood—give up so many more lives.

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