Celebrities use online dating

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Whatever the cause for this meltdown was, judging by the movie, we may say we are on Kilmer’s side here.

Ashley Graham The model greeted fans in front of the ABC studios..." height="194" src="//static-global-s-msn-com.akamaized.net/img-resizer/tenant/amp/entityid/AAu B6SO.img?

This troubled actor reportedly walked off the set of his first job.

It was a commercial for hamburgers when he was only 12 years old.

IMDB An online database of Paris' fast-growing film and TV career.

Maxim The sexy photo shoot from her stint as August 2003's Girl of Maxim.

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You won’t want to confuse your potential new boyfriend when he looks at a group of six girls in the photo.

Celebrity Spider A cool archive that features links to a wide range of news articles.

The Simple Life The official web site of Paris' incredibly popular FOX reality series.

Kilmer famously came head to head with director Joel Schumacher, who told him that his poor treatment of the crew was unacceptable.

Long ago, Val Kilmer was a promising actor in the Hollywood arena.

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