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The expedition was led by Pierre Du Gua de Monts with 79 settlers including François Gravé Du Pont, Royal cartographer Samuel de Champlain, the Baron de Poutrincourt, apothecary Louis Hébert, a priest Nicolas Aubry, and Mathieu de Costa a linguist.As England tried to create a foothold in the north, other settlements were established at Bristol's Hope, Renews, New Cambriol, South Falkland and Avalon, an area that became known as the English Shore.Professionals included 3 notaries, 3 schoolmasters, 3 locksmiths, 4 bailiffs, 5 surgeons, 5 bakers, 8 barrel makers, 9 millers, 18 official merchants, 27 joiners, and 36 carpenters.)Estimated Aboriginal population in and around New France territory 10,750, including 2,150 warriors.

Canada's largest population centres are Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, with those five being the only ones with more than one million people (as of the 2016 census).

On average, censuses have been taken every five years since 1905.

Censuses are required to be taken at least every ten years as mandated in section 8 of the Constitution Act, 1867.

Quebec city 2,100, Trois-Rivieres 455, Montreal 655.

(Comprising 528 families with 2,034 men and 1,181 women.

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