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The only limitation on the body STMP messages is the 1000 character line length limit. It's solved by the same dot-stuffing algorithm that lets you send a plain text message with a single period on a line.

In practice binary files still need to be encoded (because of poor support for RFC 3030's BINARYMIME), but not most text messages.

I send that to some gateway that understands it is getting ASCII and converts to EBDIC.

Since all moderately substantial application environments supports URLs, even if they don't explicitly support base64 encoding and decoding then they at least support decoding just by forming the data URL.

So it's just really easy for developers to support.

inline encoding of the body of an email message), and uuencoded data was particularly vulnerable to corruption because at that time it was not uncommon for a mail gateway somewhere along the line to insert an unwanted newline somewhere within your message, or for character set translation to corrupt something.

The extra newlines were usually easy to fix, and the uuencode format made it easy to see where they had occurred, but corruption due to character set translation was much harder to fix (sometimes impossible without trial-and-error testing).

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